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How to Spend a Day or an Hour in Prayer

With Kara heading off for her outdoor adventure, one of the more lively topics of conversation was about her 48 hour solo. A solo is a time when you are alone in the wilderness, just you, your Bible and notebook, and your thoughts. I am sure she will receive preparation for how to spend that time. But it prompted me to find articles that were instrumental years ago in helping me spend extra time in prayer.  Though neither article is very long, they lay a foundation for our thinking about spending an extended time in prayer.

1. How to Spend an Hour in Prayer – This articles will walk you through 12 different types of prayer so that the hour will fly by. When you start you may think to yourself, “How could I ever spend an hour in prayer?”

2. How to Spend a Day in Prayer – This article rightly argues for taking an extended time away from others to focus more intently on the Lord.  I try and take time away on a regular basis to pray. This provides excellent guidelines as how to spend that time.

The discipline of taking time away to pray has been helpful over the years. Often it takes a while for the noise to die down until I can hear the Lord more clearly. I commend these habits to you.