I have long loved the doctrines of grace. But I have been unwilling to call myself a Calvinist. Why? There was baggage associated with a Christian culture that I did not like. – Pride, Hypercriticalness, Lack of concern for the lost, Stuffy worship.  In recent years, some of that has abated.

But now Tim Challies highlights a new book where the author takes Calvinists to task for killing Calvinism. His concern is that some Calvinists:

  • By loving Calvinism as an end in itself
  • By becoming a theologian instead of a disciple
  • By loving God’s sovereignty more than God himself
  • By losing an urgency in evangelism
  • By learning only from other Calvinists
  • By tidying up the Bible’s “loose ends”
  • By being an arrogant know-it-all
  • By scoffing at the hang-ups others have with Calvinism

Nicely stated!

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