Sunday School Principles from Jane Burchett to a Young Phil Curtis

A young Phil Curtis was trying to teach the junior high boys. He was being eaten alive by them. Jane Burchett gave him for simple rules and he never had any problems again.

The 4 principles:

1.Be (better) prepared with your lesson. By questioning me, she determined that I was not adequately prepared with my S. S. lesson. With Jr. boys I had to be much better prepared than for an adult class. Every 5 minutes had to be fully accounted for! I was the primary problem, not the kids.

2. Set the ground rules. I should have done this at the first class. I did the very next Sunday.

3. Follow through with discipline. As part of the ground rules, indicate what the consequences would be should they break a rule (in this case, they would be sent out to the dept. supt.). She suggested giving them one warning, if they should break a rule, and the next time, follow-through with the consequences. (On that next Sunday back, within a few minutes of the opening of the class, I had sent out a student to the dept. supt. He was stupefied! You could have heard a pin drop. I never had trouble with the class after that.)

4. Follow good classroom management techniques such as (1) eye contact with a talking student, (2) moving toward and standing next to a restless student while continuing to teach, etc.

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