Genesis 1, 2 and 3 – Another Look

The last post was a defense of complementarism. This post is more a straightforward look at Genesis 1, 2, and 3. Much of the wording comes from God, Marriage and Family by Andreas Kostenberger. – Chap

1. Man and woman are created in God’s image to rule the earth for God.

a. Representative rule. Psalm 8:6-8

b. To set up your image is to establishing claim to rule.

c. Rule is together – reproduce to rule, together subdue earth.

d. Rule, reproduce, reflect

2. The man is created first and given ultimate responsibility for the marriage relationship.

a. The woman was made for man and not man for the woman (1 Cor 11:9, Gen 2:18, 20)

b. Authority seen in

1. He received the divine command 2:16-17

2. He was presented with the woman 2:22

3. He named the woman with a derivative of his name 2:23, 3:20

c. She is to be a suitable helper.

1. Congenial – bone of bone, flesh of flesh.

2. Associate.

3. Companionship 2:18 see Song of Solomon

4. Procreation 1:28

5. Helper is not something she does, it is something she is. Her reason of existence in relationship to the man. Equal in kind. Different in Function

3.  Fall of Humanity and the Results

a. Fall involves a complete reversal of the roles. Not God with man and woman helping him. But Satan approaches the woman to approach the man to rebel against God.

b. She did not consult with him.

c. He did not protect, did not prevent. He was silent and willing to go along.


a. Man  is held primarily responsible. Gen 3:9, 3:17, Romans 5:12-14. God calls him to account. – Again we see man as primarily responsible.

b. Woman – childbearing and relationship with her husband.

1. Childbearing in pain – (and all babymaking organs?).

2. Struggle with husband seeking to assert control who will respond passively or actively.

c. Man – (As head of race)

1. Will have trouble with his primary call of subduing the earth.

2. Will die.

d. Promised Messiah

e. Expelled from Paradise

4. Further Results of Fall as it relates to Male/Female Relationships

1. Polygamy

2. Divorce

3. Adultery

4. Homosexuality

5. Sterility

6. Dilution of gender roles.

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