Counseling at New Covenant Part 2

Recently, we have been approached about increasing the counseling in our church. We think this is great! Currently, we have a number of trusted counselors in our church who operate on an as needed basis. But certainly we can use more! God uses gifted ones within the body to help others see truth and get unentangled from sin’s trap.

God seems to have gifted some as mentors. By mentors, we mean one who draws up alongside to help sort through everyday problems.

God seems to have gifted others as counselors. By counselors, we mean those are gifted to help those who are more deeply entrapped in sin.

How then do we grow mentors and counselors? Perhaps as we get bigger, we will have a more formal counseling ministry.  As of today, we have men and women who have 1)  availed themselves of training/teaching and 2) been affirmed in their gifting by others.

As we seek to grow that number of trusted counselors, the process will continue to be the same.

1. Avail yourself of training and teaching.

2. Use your training to successfully counsel your own heart.

3. Place yourself in contact with someone in New Covenant who is already doing counseling for feedback on your calling and on-the-job coaching.

Below I have reprinted the recent post about Counseling at New Covenant. May the Lord increase the number of shepherds/counselors!

We hope that New Covenant will be filled with people helping people. We believe that God’s word shows that God’s grace to us often comes through other people.  The following statement represents our current thinking now and was adopted by the board of elders on September 1, 2009.

We believe:
  • The aim of the counseling ministry is to extend the pastoral care of the elders through helping of individuals in the church.
  • We believe counseling belongs in the local church (Rom 15).  Outside counselors may, on occasion, supplement the counsel of the church.
  • We believe the Scriptures are sufficient for counseling (2 Tim 3:16-17).
  • We believe that those who counsel, do so under the authority of the elders. The elders are given the responsibility to care for the flock of God that is under their care. Therefore any counseling done in the church has as its purpose to extend the pastoral care of the elders.
  • Ideally, men should counsel men and women should counsel women.
  • The elders have been influenced by and are in general agreement with these training materials and organizations. They are expected to provide the theological and methodological basis of any ministry in this area.

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