Why Worship is Counsel and Counsel is Worship

A worship time is counseling the soul. And a counseling time is worship. Listen to the videos for help. HT BTW

Bob Kauflin

  • “A worship leader should never say, “Sing it like you mean it.” We should always mean it.”
  • “People walk in every Sunday with the problem that everything in their lives has become bigger than God.”
  • “The worship leader links heart-stirring music with biblical truth . . . to let the Word of Christ dwell in people richly.”
  • “In both counseling and worship we can rely on technique and  forget all we have is Christ.”
  • “Leading worship is a pastoral function before it’s a musical one.”

David Powlison

  • “Pay attention to the syntax of hymns. Some are about God, drawing our hearts toward Him. Others are unto God, giving our faith direct expression to God.”
  • “Counseling needs to do more than analysis and problem-solving; it needs to evoke the thing it seeks to create.”
  • “Biblical counseling is worship, and repentance, and faith, and hearing and loving and needing God.”
  • “Way more often than we imagine, people need reminding, not informing.”
  • “The world in which we counsel is the same world in which we worship & pray.”
  • “The word ‘technique’ is actually offensive in ministry.”

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