Snow Cancellation Process

At last night’s elder’s meeting we discussed our snow cancelling process. And then today, we awake to lots of snow. So it seems good to post on that thought process.

Small Groups – Whether to have a small group or not is the call of the small group leadership team. We ask each leader to keep in mind the following issues that apply to deciding about small and large meetings.

1. Be aware of the tendency to cancel out of wanting some time off. We all have the flesh that likes to be released from commitments. My flesh is always going to want to sit down and occupy myself with other things instead of going out. A little snow should not keep me back. After all, we live in New England and we are always going to have snow. We go out in the snow to shop don’t we.

2. On the other side, be aware of endangering people. Missing one meeting due to weather is not going to stop the work of the kingdom. We want to be safe rather than martyrs. Let’s save our martyrdom for real issues.

With those two thoughts in mind, each leadership team should make the call for their own group.

For the Sunday Meeting, these are the same thoughts going through our minds as elders. Is this my flesh that wants to cancel? We live in New England and drive to other things in the snow. And Are we endangering people.

Pray that we honor the Lord and his wisdom and we start this winter.

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