Missions Support Policy

(Authored by Steve Wright)

One of the emphases this year is a focus on missions. The missions team has been hard at work behind the scenes. But one of the things the elders have been working on is a statement of principles that guides us in determining our support for missionaries. Some of these will be strong in some candidates and some weak, but at least they give us a philosophical guideline to start.

Things to consider when determining support for Missions”

1.  How well do we know and trust these people as sincere, committed Christians.  Best of all “they went out from us.” We’ve tested their character and purposes as they have grown up in our church, or as we’ve worked side by side with them.

2. How high is their view of church?  To what extent is the indigenous church a partner and recipient of this missionary’s work?

3. How central is the gospel to this missionary’s work?  The more emphasis on proclaiming the gospel, the better.

4. How “unreached” are the people affected by this missionary?  The more unreached the better – especially in the 10/40 window.

5. How engaging is this partnership to the individuals, interests and gifting at New Covenant?  The more it captures our passion to continue fervent in prayer, effort and giving – the better.

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