Suggested Small Group Covenant

A covenant for a small group can be helpful in laying out expectations and preventing disappointment. The following small group covenant might be helpful to you. What are your suggestions to make it better?

Growth Group Covenant

This Growth Group exists to glorify God by calling together a group of disciples of Jesus Christ who are committed to studying the word together, praying together, sharing their lives together, and reaching out together so as to make real spiritual progress in our spiritual growth.

So as to make this growth possible, for the next 12 weeks, I will commit to loving these brothers/sisters by:

1. Making the meetings a priority. I will not join at the beginning unless I can commit to making at least 9 of the 12 meetings in a quarter. If I cannot make a meeting, I will let one of the leaders know. I realize that irregular attendance is disruptive to building community and is unfair to others.

2. Completing the assignments that the group agrees to. I realize that I cannot grow unless I am growing through regular intake of the Word outside of the group.

3. Praying regularly for the individuals in that group. I realize that prayer will produce real growth in others and bind our hearts together.

4. Growing in openness and transparency of my life by telling others of temptations I am facing. I realize that walking in the light results in deeper fellowship with other Christians.

5. Practicing Biblical confidentiality. I will keep what is said in the meeting there unless the nature of what is shared warrants going to outside spiritual authorities. I will not participate in giving or receiving gossip inside or outside the meeting.

6. Yielding to, respecting, and communicating with the pastoral undershepherds appointed by the elders. I realize I am under the authority of the elders of the New Covenant Fellowship and they have delegated part of that authority to these undershepherds to help extend their pastoral care.

7. Reaching out to others in the church and outside the kingdom of Christ. I realize that any community that exists for itself will ultimately die.

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