God’s Love for the Elect and for the World

“There is no inconsistency between believing that God has a special sovereign love before the foundation of the world that is efficacious and brings in all the Body of Christ and that there is too love for all men, and that no man knows to which of those loves he has been brought until he is converted. In other words, it is the love of God in Christ that is proclaimed. And theoretical problems about how is this consistent with that, and so on, are not really our concern. And ultimately, we don’t even know the answer to that. So, Robert Candlish (1806-1873), another Free Church divine, says, We don’t preach a limited atonement or a universal atonement. We preach a saving Christ. And when people come to Christ, then they find they have been redeemed and his blood has been shed for them.” Rev. Iain Murray, in a recent 9 Marks interview with Dr. Mark Dever.

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