How to LEAD a Bible Study

Preparing the questions for a Bible Study and actually leading a study are two different skills. The following hints are from the New Covenant Booklet on how to Lead A Bible Study

How to LEAD a Prepared Study

1. Bring energy and enthusiasm. In your voice. In your face. In the way you sit/stand. In the way you interact with people. Are you excited to lead this study? Do you think it will make a difference in how they see life? Or are you just filling in for someone and doing your (yawn) duty. Be engaged in THEM.

2. Take initiative and leadership. By gathering people. By keeping the study moving. By ending on time or early. Keep them wanting more.

3. Pace the study. Fast enough to keep it moving so that people don’t fall asleep. Slow enough for them to think and interact.

4. Insert information to ask your question(s). I think of the questions as an ebb and flow of me talking and then them. Or to use another analogy, I build the campfire and they gather around it. Do this by providing introductory statements and then asking questions and letting them respond.

5. Use good voice inflection. Not monotone. See #1

6. Use repetition in asking questions and encouraging others to speak. For example, “Let’s all turn to Revelation 3:20. ” Pause Pause. “Revelation 3:20; everybody find it? Great.”

Example 2 After someone answers the question. “Good answer. Someone else?”

When about to close a section, “One more thought on that question before we move on?”

7. Be curious enough to ask follow-up questions. If you ask questions that you don’t know the answer to then some of the answers will surprise you. Follow up those answers (when appropriate) with, “Why do you say that? etc.” Be a learner along with them. The whole purpose of a Bible study instead of a lecture is to ask questions so that others might bring out things you had not thought of. You are a learner too.

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