Keys to Effective Elder’s Meetings

Pastor Lee Dyck has summarized 16 Keys to Effective Elders’ Meetings, that  Alexander Strauch lays out in his book, Meetings That Work: A Guide to Effective Elders’ Meetings.

They are:
1. Don’t underestimate the significance of your meetings.
2. Demonstrate Christlike attitudes and conduct.
3. Take personal responsibility for each meeting.
4. Avoid manipulation.
5. Get the facts before making judgments.
6. Practice confidentiality.
7. Communicate effectively.
8. Be concerned about people.
9. Make prayer a priority.
10. Focus on God’s Word.
11. Appoint an effective facilitator.
12. Carefully plan and follow an agenda.
13. Summarize accomplishments and assignments.
>14. Keep good records.
15. Delegate, delegate, delegate.
16. Practice self-evaluation.
Read the whole thing for more insight. Might be good for us to discuss.

And another article on how to make elder’s meetings more effective.
Jim Ellif’s main points are

1. Plan for meeting together more often and for a longer period of time.
2. Challenge each other spiritually.
3. Discuss the state of the flock.
4. Have an agenda
5. Actually pray for individuals and issues being faced.
6. Study together toward a unified position on difficult issues.
7. Make these meetings non-optional.


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