The Police as Means of Grace

For rulers hold no terror for those who right, but for those who do wrong…He is God’s servant, an agent of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Romans 13:3, 5

If we seek to shepherd without using all of God’s resources, we would be foolish. What person would try and shepherd without using the word? Prayer? Words? No one of course. Those are God-ordained means of grace.

Similarly, human authorities are also God’s means of grace. We don’t often think that way.

In particular, when there is an issue of domestic crime, we often do not know how to advise the person. The crime has been committed within the house. What to do? At the very least, the victim can make the issue known filing an incident report. For some domestic cases, the police don’t have to take action; they can just note the alleged or actual incident.

And domestic crime is still crime. Theft, assault (swinging), assault and battery (swinging and hitting), etc are all crime. When we hear that friends of ours are victims, let us encourage them to make it known to the authorities.

Just making it known to the authorities puts this house on the screen of the police. Perhaps there will be more attention given. If requested, the police can even make a “well-being” visit, that is just checking in to see if everything is ok.

The authorities are a means of grace. Let’s make use of them.

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