How To Initiate/Plan/Recruit for an Event

Often, one of you who are shepherds will initiate an event for your group or for your ministry. There are good ways to go about it and bad ways. Believe me, over the years, I have done it wrong many times. I have put together the following outline on what I think is a good  way:

1. Idea (for the event). What is the idea? Does it seem from God? What is the purpose?

2. Set preliminary details. What are the initial proposed details? Who, What, When, Where, How.

3. Gain consensus by talking with core members of your group. Ask two or three people in your group if they think this is a good idea. Does the date work? Would they actively support? Will it be supported by those outside the core of your group? Does the timing work for most people? Think about those outside the core.

4. Adjust the plan based on #3.  Repeat 3, 4, 5 as needed.

5 . Run it by leadership. Is this small enough that it is at your discretion? Does it involve the elder overseeing this area? Is it big enough to need the whole board to decide?

6. Based on 3,  4, and 5, announce the plan and recruit those outside the leadership core. Or drop the idea as not being the right plan or right timing.  There are many good ideas that a church may not be ready for.

This cycle has kept us from having events that were poorly attended due to:  a. lack of commitment or  b. an unknown conflict (sports, speech tournament, etc).

So as we plan events in the future, I commend this model as a way to initiate ideas the Spirit might lay on our heart.

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