The New Covenant Road

As we grow larger, it is necessary to repeat and clearly state the values that the core has always held. The New Covenant Road is an example of that attempt to clearly state and repeat the progress we believe all Christians at New Covenant should make. I am working on posters for the wall. But as shepherds, please repeat these values and encourage people to take the next steps.

The New Covenant Road – Connect Grow Serve Go

Connect to Christ and earthly body.

1. Connect To Christ by repentance and faith in the gospel.

2. Connect To his Body by baptism and membership.

Grow to be like Christ

1. Grow in greater love with Christ through daily word and prayer.

2. Grow in greater love with Christ’s brothers and sisters in a small group.

3. Grow in greater love toward my immediate family.

Serve to build up this local body of Christ.

1. Serve in a “temple ministry.”

2. Serve in a “house to house”  ministry.

3. Serve by discovering and deploying your spiritual gifts.

Go to be a witness for Christ

1. Go and take the gospel to my friends and neighbors.

2. Go and take the gospel to the nations.

3. Go and be the salt and light of the world.

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