How to Teach on Sunday AM for 7 minutes

Here are some notes on how to present a 7 minute meditaton when you are one of several communion presenters.

Presentation Order – What you are aiming for:

1. Introduction: Present an opening story, illustration, or problem to solve. Why should I listen? Why do I need to understand this? Why is what you are about to tell me so important? Are you just filling time or do you have something I must understand?

2. State Your Theme. What is it you are going to talk about? Recent Examples:

Theme: Cornelius is an example of a Christian man. Points: a He is a soldier b. He is devout. c. He shepherds his family. d. He shepherds his friends.

Example 2  Theme- Jesus made perfect forever those who are being sanctified.

Points a. by one sacrifice (not many) b. perfect forever (you are justified) c. those being made holy (you should be being sanctified).

3. Make one or two points on the topic you were assigned. Use Scripture to elaborate. Point out our misunderstanding of this concept.

4. Illuminate. Use an illustration or quotations or Bible character to illuminate each point.

5. Apply it to our lives specifically! To new Christians, older Christians, non Christians, teens, children, young adults, singles, older people.

6. Conclude by circling back to your opening illustration.

How to Prepare for this

Though the order above is what you want to present, that is not the order you prepare it in. Prepare it in this order.

1. Study the text assigned.

2. Come up with a purpose statement. A thesis.

3. Meditate and read commentaries, read theologies, talk with people to expand on the ideas.

4. Organize your material.

5. Search for verses, quotations, illustrations. ,

6. Apply to our lives specifically, starting with applying it to yours.

7. Organize the material. Make transition sentences clear.

8. Practice it twice or more so that you are under the allotted time and you know when to emphasize certain points.

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