At New Covenant, we are reformed and want to be alway reforming in our doctrine. Thus, a label could be put on us as Calvinist. But often what is meant by that label of Calvinism is not what the Bible means. Many people have wrong ideas that could be labeled hyper-Calvinism. The follow list put together by Phil Johnson, a pastor at John MacArthur’s church,  is a primer on hyper-Calvinism.

A hyper-Calvinist is someone who:

  1. Denies that the gospel call applies to all who hear, OR
  2. Denies that faith is the duty of every sinner, OR
  3. Denies that the gospel makes any “offer” of Christ, salvation, or mercy to the non-elect (or denies that the offer of divine mercy is free and universal), OR
  4. Denies that there is such a thing as “common grace,” OR
  5. Denies that God has any sort of love for the non-elect.

Let us make sure we speak the Bible and not hyper-Calvinism.

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